Meet Kyla Livsey! Atlanta Real Estate Agent

Hello! My name is Kyla Livsey and I’m a real estate agent with eXp Realty. I love the challenge being an agent brings me. Every day is different, and every client and contract is different. For me, the mundane and routine life is boring (one of the reasons I left Corporate America). I am an extrovert and being an agent fits my personality to a T.

What makes me different from other agents?

My hard work and determination drive me, but having a purpose in this field is what differentiates me from the rest. God has called me to serve others. I do this by getting to know each of my clients and ensuring that their real estate goals and dreams are met. It’s not just about the dollar sign for me. My greatest contentment comes from knowing that each individual I’ve been able to help has learned more about the home buying or selling process. I love knowing that success isn’t only reached on my end but my client’s end as well. It is a team-building mentality for me. We can all help each other make it to the top, and fulfill our ultimate dreams.

I am extremely unconventional. I love pushing the envelope when it comes to my style. Bright colors, funky patterns, and tattoos are my thing!! It adds excitement to my life and reflects a big part of who I am. So don’t be surprised if I show up at closing in a bright green suit LOL. It’s all fun, love, and business.

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